• This time around, my weight-loss plan is a form of intermittent fasting called one meal per day, or OMPD. It is pretty much the entry-level for fasting, and is more compatible with my home life than more aggressive approaches.

  • This is the current weight-loss progress… I’ll update soon with details of the last few weeks journey.

  • The doctor recommended a Medicare care plan which gives support. The plan I was given includes regular doctor visits, exercise physio and dietician. The best part is the accountability it adds.

  • So, I pretty much hit peak weight and after a bunch of false starts on fitness and diet endeavours went and saw the doctor about 5 weeks ago.

  • The standing desk in place

  • I found the desk online. It’s a Varidesk

  • The weeks highlight - work has got me a standing desk. I’ll post a photo tomorrow. I have surprised myself by standing almost all the time since it arrived, and not wimping out and lowering it for more than a few minutes.

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