Welcome to my new blog

I have started a new blog. This is very exciting for me, and is somewhere that I intend to write about things that interest me. I am aiming to post at least one item per week, but hopefully more than one.
Why blog at all? My old blog ran out of steam. So, I could have let it die. It probably would have been a fitting end - all it seems to be these days is a sort of forum for people discussing issues with the brand of central heating I have (which I daren’t mention here, in case it becomes a surrogate!).
Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr all overlap greatly with the world of blogs - and for the sort of thing I used to post have replaced it - hence my old blog sliding into total abandonment. But, these places are all places for a quick recommendation, comment, or status update - not for long term mini stories. I had a few of those in my blog, but had stopped doing them.
Should it be a blog with a theme? It appears, if I want large readerships or advertising revenue I should have a theme. I should pick something that interests me and write exclusively about that. OK, I have a job already! I’ll write about what interests me, regardless of topic, and sod the audience… This is for me, in 10 years time, so I can wonder what I found interesting when I was young (hah!). If anyone else likes what I write, fine. Forget the advertising.
So? What is likely to end up here?
  • I love my Apple Macbook Pro, so you are likely to find software reviews, or stuff I like about Macs (or iPhones, even).
  • Grumpy old man syndrome (well, I have both hairy ears and a hairy nose, and not much hair where I want it, so I think I qualify). So, general moaning about the crap country we are in will likely make an entrance.
  • Fitness (I dream). I am one of those people that claims that my weight goes up on it’s own, so dieting and fitness are an irregular topic of my life, trying to remove the blubber on irregular cycle to stop myself being moaned at, to avoid buying yet more clothes, to avoid breaking the office chair, etc..
  • Programming. This may get mentioned (although, my work is usually fairly confidential, so I will always think twice).
  • Working as a contractor. This is a big part of my life, and I would love to yap about some aspects of it, but the client confidentiality issues may actually stop me from saying anything (sad, but true).
  • Future tech. I am fascinated with the way technology is going, and concepts such as the Singularity may get mentioned (at the risk of drawing ridicule and scoffing at the mad old geezer).
  • Photography. I love taking pictures, especially of my family. I also like nice cameras, and my skills probably don’t deserve them - if you hang around here you will see the occasional photos or mention of photo kit.
  • Finally (at least until it dies a death, due to things not going my way), I am apt to wax on aimlessly (and most likely boring you all to death) about my progress in emigrating to Australia.
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