Migration Update

The fact that you can’t plan around the Australian visa application process was driven home again last week after a couple of emails.
In May, the expected turnaround time for state sponsorship was 8-10 weeks, and the consequent visa was expected to take 4 weeks. This was much reduced from before due to a tightening up over which skills were acceptable. Bloody brilliant, less waiting. Hurrah.
Since May the turnaround time for state sponsorship has risen to 16 weeks (so, I am STILL 10 weeks from having my application processed, strewth), it’s hard to handle all this waiting around. You could say I was a little pissed off. I’m trying to juggle a house sale and contracts for work around a date that is totally out of my control.
The other potential knock-back is that the Queensland have tightened up on the rules around the funds required. They are no longer taking into account anything other than cash assets. The equity in our house, cars and shares is no longer an acceptable source of funds. For a family of four, you are expected to have around $70,000(AUD) in cash, in the bank. How many people have £40,000 sitting aroung doing nothing? This is going to seriously affect quite a lot of people attempting to get to Australia.
The good news is that both of these still leave me in the running, so it isn’t the end of the story. And, it gives me an additional 6 weeks to lose weight before the medical.
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