Spot updates - racing on Sunday

I promised an update at least once per week, no matter how little I had to say. There are lots of small things going on at the moment, but nothing of “enough significance” to write about. The highlights of the last couple of weeks are:-
  • Getting a puncture almost half way round a 6 mile bike ride with Alison and James, and having to walk the bike most of the way home (before being rescued by Alison in the car).
  • Deciding to start to harden my soles my walking around barefoot for a mile or so on tarmac, concrete and various bits of gravel, and getting really sore feet.
  • Another bout of joggers nipple after my 10k training run on Saturday.
  • Pissing myself off after finding my training logs on from 2 years ago, and realising that I was still quite a bit fitter than I am now (nearly 1 min/mile quicker and 2 stone lighter).
  • Started a blog entry showing my running progress, and realising that I have started to plateau over the last couple of weeks.
  • Lost another 5lb in weight, but still looking forward to another 25lb to lose.
  • People at work have started commenting on the weight loss.
  • Australia immigration is crawling along at a frustratingly slow pace.
  • The latest batch of documentation to Australia has been sent.
The highlight is that I am preparing for my first ever race, running 10k at Brentwood on Sunday! Of course, checking last years results, I am likely to be in the last half dozen finishers - lol.
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