Horrible echoes of Windows config hell on my Mac

This isn’t the article I intended to write, but after an hour of piddling (substitute for a stronger, more fitting word if you want) around with caches, cookies and plug-ins along with side-by-side tests with Firefox the strong echoes of the world of Windows that I thought I had left behind dominated my thinking.
If you use Windows (you poor, poor people), you will be very familiar with software that buggers up other software. Fortunately, on the Mac this is still quite infrequent. But, it is NOT impossible and I was disappointed that Evernote’s web clipping plugin stopped a perfectly normal javascript driven website from working (the management console for this blog).
Reading Evernote’s forum reveals that the developers are using the Safari plug-in API even though they are aware it is difficult to use due the fact it is not a properly published API. I got the impression they are frustrated with bugs caused by the imperfect understanding of this API. Well, if that’s the case then perhaps they shouldn’t inflict the nastiness on us, the humble users. I don’t even use the bloody thing - it was installed in an update and it broke something else I use.
Please, please, please, Mac developers, don’t ruin our nice Macs with stuff that wreaks havoc across application domains - if you want to publish something that is broken, make it stay in your own app, don’t spread the misery around the place - that’s the sort of thing I expect Adobe (try uninstalling Acrobat for a laugh) or Microsoft (registry hell) to do.
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