Broadband Robbery

My current mood for blogging is to use it for moaning about various things. My last entry was about how web UI designers assume too much knowledge, considering that their demographic is now pretty much the whole population.
This one is about a practice that broadband providers have adopted to bleed an extra months money out of you if you switch to another provider.
Buried in most broadband contracts there is an innocent little phrase basically saying that you have to give notice of termination, typically 30 days. Fair enough, you think. Well, it would be if the notice period started at a reasonable time, like when you told them you were moving.
Unfortunately, they can’t do that.
Apparently, the day you give them notice, they give the cancellation order to BT, who will cancel within 30 days. Which, could be the very next day. So, of you want continuous service you can only give notice on the day your new connection starts.
The bottom line is that you have to pay for one month twice, with both the old and the new providers.
So, the contract is a way of saying someone wants your money for doing fuck all, regardless of your intent to give fair notice.
I told them that their contract was unfair, and would not hold water, but they weren’t going to back down. I then asked to speak to someone about cancelling our 3 iPhone contracts, and they backed down - amazing! Yes, O2 were the culprits this time, but I understand the practice is widespread.
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