Four weeks to go

It is four weeks today before we leave the fair shores of England for good old Australia.
It’s been a hell of a journey so far, 21 months from when we started. 21 months where we have had on hold all those things that we would have done, had we not been planning to emigrate. 20 months of wondering how long we would have to wait, and 1 month of mad preparation. Several disappointments along the way, where our timetable has been pushed back by changes in the visa process or by other events outside our control.
This is how the 21 months breaks down…
  • 2 months research and planning. Appointing a migration agent, pre-assessing our situation, and deciding on which visa to go for. We chose the 175 independent skilled migrant visa.
  • 3 months collecting paperwork, such as university academic transcripts, copies of original marriage certificates, work references, etc.
  • 4 months awaiting the ACS skills assessment.
  • At this point, after the latest changes, we switched to a 176 sponsored skilled migrant visa.
  • 6 months awaiting the Queensland state sponsorship.
  • 5 months waiting for the 176 visa grant.
  • 1 month so far, preparing to move!
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