Today, only 14 days from emigrating to Australia, I am starting to feel my roots coming away from the foundations of our life in England. It is a very strange feeling indeed, and one that I was not expecting. The following all happened yesterday and are all contributing to the feeling…
  • Meeting up with my close family to say our sad farewells to my Mother as her ashes were laid to rest in the church yard.
  • Saying good-bye to my three oldest boys, Thomas, Robert and Christopher, who over the past year have become closer than they have for a long time.
  • Saying good-bye to my sister Sally, nephew and niece Matthew and Robyn, and my cousin and her family, Sue, Kendall, Mica and Regan.
  • Alison has sold her car, and drove back to Colchester in mine leaving me at the mercy of the car I am borrowing from my Dad.
  • Possibly found a buyer for my car.
Over the past couple of weeks a number of other big things have been happening…
  • We’ve sold our house, and are moving in with neighbours for the last few days in England.
  • We’ve been getting rid of possessions that we don’t want to drag around the world, the hardest so far being my poor book collection.
  • We had a MASSIVE party to say goodbye to friends and family, some of whom travelled 100’s of miles to be with us.
  • Alison and I have finished work.
So, we’re starting to float around with nothing tying us down and ready to find somewhere new to start putting down those roots again. Very weird, uncomfortable and exciting.
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