10 days in Oz

We’ve been in Australia for 10 days now, as residents and not as holiday makers.
Just as we left the UK, apparently they have had a mini heat wave with temperatures rising above 30 degrees Celsius. I say apparently, because there is always the remote possibility that absolutely everyone is lying. Just to rub it in, the winter here is going through an uncharacteristically cold snap with daytime temperatures of only 15 degrees, and it falling to near freezing at night. I was talking to someone in Melbourne the other day, and they have had to scrape ice off their car - a rare treat for Australians.
The journey was the usual mundane endless drone of jet engines for about 21 hours, punctuated by a brief 3 hour respite at Singapore airport. This 3 hours sounds like a nice leisurely break, but it is amazing how quick it disappears if you allow for the time to disembark one plane and then the time it takes to go through the boarding process for the next plane. Singapore airlines were much better than Qantas/British Airways. The interior of the planes were in much better condition than any of they planes from BA that we used last year. The entertainment system was cleaner and much easier to use. And, the staff were very attentive and helpful. The best bonus was the comfort of the seats, which on the longest haul flights is probably the most important thing.
While we were on route, the sale of our house moved on, and we exchanged contracts. We completed a few days later, and the money is on route to Australia as we speak. My savings account gets 6% interest!!
Since we have been here, I have applied for a few jobs and had two interviews. We have looked at 12 houses,visited friends for a BBQ, opened bank accounts, registered for Medicare, applied for tax file numbers, moved from one unit to another and bought a car. Tiff has got a job, too.
The Australian people have been amazing, too. Everywhere that we have needed help, they have taken their time, and been very encouraging about living here. The time that sticks in my mind was when we were trying to work out if a train back from the theatre late one evening would have worked out. We asked the guy at the ticket counter, and he painstakingly worked out every combination of trains while a queue was building up behind us. We were getting embarrassed, and I said that it was OK, we could work out the rest as there are quite a few other people waiting - and he said it was no problem, they wouldn’t mind!
This relaxed attitude combined with the fact that the end of June is a tax year end has meant that it is taking longer to hear back from interviews than I am used to. When I mention this to the agents, they say “welcome to Queensland”.
Better get going, we need to get out for another BBQ today.
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