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Another couple of weeks have passed since my last update, and so it is time for a news update.
Around about the time of my last update, Alison was driving back home along the Centenary highway near Jindalee and as she came over the brow of a hill she was confronted by a big chunk of lorry tyre slap bang in the middle of her lane. She couldn’t drive round it, since there were other cars around her, so ended up going over it with quite a bit of banging as it passed underneath. On getting home she discovered a petrol leak. We thought she’d damaged a pipe, so arranged a mechanic to come the next day and left the car on the road outside the house so that the petrol wouldn’t leak on the drive.
The next morning we were awoken by a bang! The neighbour opposite had reversed straight off her drive and into Alison’s car! Of course, it didn’t end there. The mechanic turned up, and discovered that the petrol tank was split, the front bumper had lost it’s skirt and there was a fair bit of damage to the underbody. So, Alison ended up making two insurance claims in one day. She picked her car after it’s extensive repairs yesterday.
Tiffany has managed to get herself another job after the debacle with Specsavers Indooroopilly, and she starts with FoneZone next week. She is really excited to be working again and is looking forward to getting some spending money again.
My job has been going well, and I have been approached about going permanent. Hopefully, the offer will be acceptable and I’ll be back on the payroll again!
Dad and Wendy are coming to visit in a couple of weeks, and we have planned a few trips out. It will be great showing him around on holiday, after all the times that Mum and Dad hosted our holidays in Spain.
We have our next visitors a couple of weeks later, and in-between we are visiting my cousin and her family in Adelaide for her daughters wedding.
I think we may have cursed southeast Queensland’s weather! We have had the coldest longest winter in years, and now we are in the middle of the wettest spring school holiday for ages. Nice!
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