6 Months

We’re coming up to six months in Australia. We’re now settling in to a normal day-to-day life. Work, sleep, weekends, you know the drill.
James has just had an early birthday party. We decided that it was fairer having the party just after the end of school term, before people start leaving on their summer holidays, or going to visit family for Christmas, than to wait until the actual day. We’ve been keeping an eye on the weather forecast all week, as the party was in a nearby park where we were going to use one of the public BBQs. Although summer is here, we have had unusual weather all year. The coldest winter, the wettest spring and now the wettest summer. At least there isn’t a water shortage and the reservoirs are all full! So, we had been watching predictions of rain all week.
The day came, and we had a couple of impressive showers in the morning, which had the advantage of dropping the temperature from a steamy 32 degrees to a more tolerable 28 deg. People were ringing to ask if we were going ahead. Of course, being Poms, carrying on with a BBQ despite the weather is pretty normal! Anyway, it was a great success, and the weather held off until we were wrapping up when we had another shocker of a shower. Almost all the kids came, and everyone had a brilliant time. It was the first time we used one of the public BBQs, and it was brilliant. Reasonably clean, free heating and handy.
Our tree
It is certainly weird sitting here in shorts and a t-shirt with every window in the house open, with our Christmas tree twinkling away in the corner.
I have just finished my first contract, and I’ve started another with a company making event management software that is only a 25 minute drive from home, so I am not using the train at the moment. The funny thing is, the companies UK office used to be in Pixmore Avenue, Letchworth and has now moved to Hitchin. Talk about it being a small world! I’m still looking for that permanent role, so we can settle down a bit more.
Tiffany is working full time now, at Fone Zone, a high street mobile phone retailer. She is settling in there quite well, and things look good for her at the moment. We hope she does well.
Alison has started a correspondence course in remedial massage therapy. It is a very detailed course, consisting of 16 modules averaging 100 hours of study per module. Alison will ultimately receive a diploma, which would entitle her to run her own business as a recognised practitioner. She has completed the first two modules and achieved high distinctions in both!
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