Blog change (again)

A quick technical note about this blog instead of the newsy update I have been tinkering with. Since Twitter acquired Posterous, I have decided to start self hosting the blog again. It is tiny, and not worth much messing around.

My server is the lightest weight shared virtual server I could get, and I don’t want it loaded at all, ever. So, I was messing around with pre-baked blogging tools such as Jekyll or Yaki. Neat and clever. But, I would have needed to build my own theme and work out a neat workflow to upload changes, otherwise my infrequent blogging would stop entirely.

Then, I read about Egg Freckle’s Migration to RapidWeaver. A pre-baked blog, but the guts live on your Mac, you get loads of templates (basic, crude ones), and a simple publishing workflow. And, even better, I already had a license from an old MacHeist purchase. Better again, it was an upgradable license too! So, I took the plunge.

I needed to find a way to migrate the comments to Disqus, the preferred commenting system used by RapidWeaver, and found this useful piece of code which did the trick. I then discovered some Disqus comments from when the site was at Tumblr, so ran the comment migration tool to move them to their new URLs! Win. So, the blog is back in action, self hosted, and waiting for me to have time to put some real news on it.

Talk soon!