Diet update

Living in the land of the BBQ is very handy for eating a diet that is heavily meat biased, so it is getting a bit of a heavy work out.  We even invited a few friends around for breakfast last week for bacon, egg, sausages and mushrooms done on the Barbie.  We did get in some baked beans and bread for the guests, though. 
Monday, Wednesday and Friday I am doing body-weight circuits of push-ups, pull-ups, squats, inverted shoulder press and plank.  Tuesday and Thursday I do kettle bell swings and on Saturday I do a set of sprints.  Most days I try and walk outside at lunch times, and get around 2.5kms of walking at a reasonable pace done.
This week coming, I will be starting swimming again (with the session replacing one of my walks). with a few guys from the office.
Since I have started, I have lost 15kg. This is one of my minor milestones, at 90kg, with my first major milestone of 85kg approaching fast.  At that weight I will be a BMI of 30, so technically still quite overweight.  Interestingly, though, my body fat percentage has come down from 30% to 23%, and if I carry on at the current rate it should get to 19% around that milestone.  19% body fat is considered to be at the upper end of healthy, which sort of contradicts the BMI?!?
The best results are in the way I feel.  I am feeling fitter than I did back when I ran that half marathon, and I feel so positive about my health in the future.  This is a life style I hope to be able to follow long term.
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