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Hi everyone!

We made the year, and spent our Ozzie Anniversary joining a bunch of friends down the local tavern and having a yummy $10 steak - classic.

The latest headlines are:

  • Tiff PASSED her test! She made it seem a piece of cake by only being out for about 20 minutes and passing first time. She managed to keep confident and our biggest worry for her (her exam nerves) was unfounded. She has been out pretty much non-stop since then experiencing her freedom!

  • James has started his second term of Tiger Tennis, and is coming along nicely. We hope he'll enjoy playing for some time to come.

  • Alison is starting work at the local primary school tomorrow. It's just a few hours a week, but gets her some of her own spending money. She is still working hard on her remedial massage course, and it won't be long now before she gets her Certificate. On to the Diploma next.

  • We are finding the winter quite cold. It may seem a bit odd if you look up the weather. 20+ degrees in the middle of the day, only 1-2 degrees colder than some of the warmest summer days in the UK this year. BUT the nights are much colder, getting down to freezing on some nights; the houses are not built for the cold; and we are spoilt by the really hot weather. Brrrr!

  • We are both running regularly now. Both Alison and I beat our personal bests in the Gold Coast 10K race. I beat mine by 5 minutes and Alison beat hers by 4 minutes. Oz must be doing something good for us. We have another race on Sunday, this time in the Brisbane Running Festival.

  • The guests are still coming. Currently, we have Alex (Tiffs friend from the UK), and in a month we'll be seeing Alison's mum and dad.

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