Nearly a year

I have had a reminder on my to-do list since 3rd March to write this.  It has been in my face for nearly three months!  2 months ago I started writing it, with the obvious title of "9 months" and opened with some remark about it not being a baby - and then never got back to it.
Why haven't I been blogging?  I can think of two reasons.  Firstly, I didn't feel comfortable with posting an entry that was merely a pile of isn't life wonderful down under, we're fantastically happy, best thing we ever did, blah, blah, blah.  Why would the few people that are following me want to hear all that sugar coated crap?  The problem is, we are probably still in the honeymoon period of our life in Australia, and when I sit down to write - that is how everything comes out. Then I look at it, and don't post it.
The second reason I don't post is because life IS so wonderful, so I am not sitting around a keyboard all weekend, so my opportunities to write are a lot less that before.  I am more likely to catch up on reading, or watch some TV when I'm relaxing in the evening.
I am looking at my aborted draft post of two months ago - and it contains a wealth of newsy items, all of which I would love to update you on.  So, I'm just going to list them, headline style!
  • Tiff has done her 100 hours of learner driving, and is applying for her test - watch out south-east Queensland!
  • I have a permanent job
  • Ali is munching her way through her therapeutic massage course, and is building a round of customers to get her practical hours logged
  • My diet is progressing nicely with the occasional off day (like yesterday)
  • I'm running again - at a pace similar to where I was before that half marathon so long ago.
  • We had a nice toasty summer, not too hot - the locals say it was a pretty cool one
  • We won the quiz night down the golf club in December, and came last in March!
  • I finally installed the surround sound system, 7 months after moving in. Procrastination rules!
Yesterday, we spent the day showing a friend from the UK around the city.  Today, we are off to the formal opening of a new park thats within a mile of where we live.
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