Wet wet wet

As I write this, on holiday, I am basking in the glorious sunshine at Adelaide, South Australia which is a thousand miles away from where we live.  But, with the news reports highlighting the terrible flooding in Queensland, I have received a few emails from friends and relatives concerned that we are OK.
Pasted Graphic 5
The rain has been heavy and almost every day for several weeks.  Some days the rain has been heavier than we'd ever seen before, and going on for hours on end.  As has been widely reported, towns up and and the state have been flooded, roads have been closed and airports shut down.  Food is running out in supermarkets.
So far, we've escaped all but the most minor inconvenience - the rain has been annoying and the supermarkets have had the odd item out of stock due to delayed deliveries.  We have heard of problems at nearby Ipswich, where the Bremer river is 12.7m above normal and bridges are impassible.  Suburbs that we know of are now receiving flood warnings, so it is starting to get too close for comfort.
The weather forecast is improving towards the end of this week, but I imagine it'll take a while for the rain to work it's way through the system.

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