me (the husband)
I am Alison's husband, we have been married since September 2000, and already on to our fourth house! I have dragged Alison around the country from job to job, she has stuck with it and we have settled in Essex quite quickly, but we both had a hankering for Australia - so that's where we now live, near Brisbane.
me (the father)
The father of 4 boys and 1 girl, Thomas (1986), Robert (1989), Tiffany (1991), Christopher (1993) and James (2000). So, with the eldest I get the pride of when he got his first pay packet, or went abroad on his own for the first time. With the youngest the pleasure of seeing him swim his first width of the pool, or read a book on his own for the first time.
me (the worker)
I am currently working as a senior .NET developer. I have worked on a range of widely different projects over the past few years as a contractor. Currently, I am a senior developer for a company in the entertainment industry.
me (the open source developer)
When I can squeeze in a hour or two I work on some bits and bobs for Drupal and Gallery2. I once developed PalmFuellog, a fuel tracking system for PalmOS, but having not had a development platform for a while have ceased work on it. There are several derivative projects around that have taken my work and built on it.